Sea Turtle Scientist

Sea Turtle Scientist

Part of the award-winning Scientists in the Field book series, Sea Turtle Scientist introduces Dr. Kimberly Stewart, “the turtle lady,” and describes her work on St. Kitts with endangered loggerhead sea turtles. The book provides extensive information on sea turtles and Dr. Stewart’s research, as well as the efforts of WIDECAST to preserve and protect these amazing creatures.

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How to Tell the Story of Sea Turtles?

Two New Sea Turtle Programs for Schools!

Grades: k - 2
Length: 30 - 45 minutes

Grades: 3-8
Length: 45 minutes - 1 hour

Swim, Sea Turtle Swim!

Steve takes students into the heart of a sea turtle adventure. We’ll patrol a moon-lit beach and watch as a 800-pound leatherback female digs a nest and lays her eggs in the sand. We’ll meet a scientist who is hoping to save this endangered creature and we’ll look at the 21st century dangers a sea turtle faces. The program is action packed and full of great information. Steve concludes the session with a song on his ukulele called “One in a Thousand.” Did you know only one in a thousand hatchlings will survive to adulthood?

Teachers and librarians can find lots of ways to use sea turtles in your school curriculum by visiting the WIDECAST Educators page.

Photo Gallery

Kimberly takes photo of early morning nesting of leatherback. The last thing a jellyfish ever sees as it gets gulped down by a leatherback. Scientists discovered that leatherbacks follow the daily up and down migration of jellyfish in the ocean. The hatchling's journey to the surface is a difficult one  and may take a few days to complete. Steve and Kimberly on St. Kitts. Kimberly's backpack. The track of a leatherback left in the sand with tail drag in the center. Steve and Kimberly explore the face of a nesting leatherback female. Steve and Kimberly feel the smooth carapace of a leatherback. Steve takes field notes in the red glare of his flashlight. Steve holds a leatherback hatchling. Kimberly points out the 'pink spot' on a leatherback's head. Steve and Kimberly walk a beach on St. Kitts. Keeping track of the count as a mother leatherback lays her eggs. Steve holds a bag of leatherback eggs that must be moved to a nest site away from dangerous ocean tides. St. Kitts. Steve Kimberly examines the unhatched embryo of a leatherback sea turtle. Kimberly's choice of foot wear for nest exploration: flip flops and blue toenails. Prime leatherback sea turtle nesting beach on St. Kitts. The blue and green glass of liquor bottles make great jewelry that can help support turtle conservation. During a check up a green sea turtle gets doused with water to cool down. Kimberly shows the plastron or underside of a green sea turtle. A team of researchers measure the carapace or upper shell of a hawksbill sea turtle. Dusk descends upon a wild beach in St. Kitts. A band of happy (and tired) sea turtle researchers give thumbs up after a night of successful monitoring. Sunrise on St. Kitts.

Posters and Leaflets

How to Adopt a Sea Turtle

Kimberly says, “There are two ways to adopt a sea turtle. You can adopt a nesting turtle or you can adopt a rehabilitation patient. Either way, you get a certificate with a photo of your adopted turtle along with information about sea turtles and the St. Kitts Sea Turtle Monitoring Network.”

It costs about $50 to adopt a turtle and it is a great way to support sea turtle conservation. You can learn all about sea turtle adoption here.

Videos to enjoy

Join the renowned author and photographer Steve Swinburne on a journey through history to learn how sea turtles came to be endangered, and what scientists like Dr. Kimberly Stewart are doing to save them.

I had so much fun making this video of my song, "One in a Thousand." My wife, Heather, filmed it using her brand new iPhone 5S...pretty cool device. We shot the video on Galveston Beach, Texas. Did you know that only one out of a thousand hatchlings will survive to adulthood?

One in a Thousand

I’m one in a thousand and I’m on my way
I’m one in a thousand and I’m leaving today
Give me a chance I’ve got to reach the sea
Give me a chance it’s a leatherback I want to be...


One in thousand,
One in thousand,
I’m one in a thousand, that’s me!

I’m one in a thousand and I’m homeward bound,
I’m one in a thousand, I swam the world round and round
To leave the ocean and to crawl on the land
A set of tracks, plenty of eggs in the sand...

One in thousand,
One in thousand,
I’m one in a thousand, that’s me!

Give me a chance, I’ve got to reach the sea,
Give me a chance, it’s a leatherback I want to be...

One in a thousand,
One in a thousand,
I’m one in a thousand, that’s me!

Websites to Enjoy

Please help sea turtles and their habitat by adopting one today.

Help WIDECAST protect sea turtles Caribbean wide by making a donation today!

Books to Enjoy

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Turtle Tide coverCheck out how Bruce Hiscock made the art for my book, Turtle Tide - The Ways of Sea Turtles

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