Safe, Warm, and Snug - for teachers

Safe, Warm, and Snug cover

Illustrated by Robin Brickman.
Published by Millbrook Press, 1996.
Hardcover 1-56294-182-8.

Book Description

Who coils around her eggs in a stack?
Who nestles her baby on her back?
Who cuddles his chick on his feet?
Who hides her baby in a pouch so deep?

Snuggle up with this delightful collection of verse and discover the special ways that each animal species protects its babies from predators and the elements, keeping them safe, warm, and snug.

How I was inspired

As I former park ranger and lifelong naturalist, I’ve spent my life watching animals and observing their behavior. One day I was talking to a friend about how animals move. After our discussion, I began thinking about how animals do other things. That’s when the idea of how animals protect their young popped into my head.

Book Features

  • Beautiful illustrations by famous illustrators Jose Aruego and Ariane Dewey
  • Rhyming poetry

Classroom Connections

  • Use a map to locate the origin of each animal in the book.
  • Chart the many ways animals adapt to their environment.
  • See other books by Jose Aruego and Ariane Dewey. How is the style of art different? The same?
  • Make a classroom zoo with dioramas in shoeboxes. Cut out drawings of animals and place them in the shoeboxes decorated to look like a rainforest, Antarctica, or pond depending on each animal’s natural environment.

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